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A community exploring cognitive science and neurotechnology at the intersection of Do It Yourself (DIY) philosophy, open models and digital arts.


Our french non-profit association gathers hackers, enthusiasts and experts seeking to explore the potential of neurotechnologies through the sharing of knowledge and the implementation of collective projects, by promoting open approaches (open science, open source, open hardware) and low tech.


Our mission is to build and enhance this community, by sharing resources and facilitating meetings, in order to promote local and international initiatives. For that we are close to the Makers movement and to third places.


We are member of the international network NeuroTechX and the Fresco (french federation of cognitive sciences).

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We host HackNight on Monday evening and reference our event on the Meetup network. To consult all our blog posts, please visit this page !


NTX Paris at the Cognitive Sciences Forum 2023

Our non-profit association will have a booth at the Cognitive Sciences Forum in Paris on April 16, 2023, which this […]

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DIY, Open Source & Cognitive Sciences

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We strive to keep the documentation of our project up to date. Feel free to browse our Trello board to discover a more comprehensive overview of our initiatives. Our members have also access to a repository with additional resources.


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