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A Community to Explore Cognitive Sciences
at the crossroads of DIY Philosophy, Open Science and Transmedia.

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Objectif de l'initiative

The CogLab association, NeuroTechX Paris’s mission is to promote dissemination and access to knowledge in cognitive sciences and neuro-technologies, through an open and accessible citizen science approach; based on experimentation and mutual aid.
By bringing makers together, passionate and expert and putting into practice the Do It Yourself philosophy — like FabLab and other third-places — we see ourselves as a place of open and cooperative experimentation, entirely led by volunteers since 2013.

Our main tools:


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Documentation collaborative
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DIY, Open Source & Sciences Cognitives

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HackNightsare organized every Monday evening, dedicated exclusively to the realization of open projects (Open Source) — in groups or autonomously — where we make available material (OpenBCI, Leap Motion, Arduino, Eye-tracker, …) and promote the sharing of knowledge and the creation of documentation.

Our projects:

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Nos prochaines rencontres

We organize conference cycles with three seasons under our belt and a 4th in preparation for the year 2019-2020 (visible on Meetup, Eventbrite and our calendar).
On an ad hoc basis, we offer MasterClass and animate booths at consumer events such as the Cognitive Science Forum (national and annual meeting at the City of Sciences) or the Maker Faire Paris,or trade shows.
Finally, more informal and spontaneous meetings are organized on certain evenings or weekends according to the desires and requests of each. These are moments of sharing, waking and prospective around a topical topic requested by the community.
We relay our events and feedback on our blog: